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ClapCinemas CINEFEST 2022
Biggest Cinema Festival with INDIA's Young and aspiring Film Makers.

CINEFEST 2022 is the First Ever Concept of making FILMS with FILM MAKERS and Awarding them with more BIG FILMS in the year 2022 - 2023. ClapCinemas is in search of such aspiring FILM MAKERS with unique concepts which can engage audience with their Art. ClapCinemas is in search of such film makers and also in contact with many big organisations to give platform for really deserving film makers. ClapCinemas takes initiative to make the film and support the film makers not only to make films but also to reach wide audience.

CineFest 2022

Step : 1

Search Best Film Makers and 

give them the FIRST PROJECT. 

FIRST PROJECT will be for the SHORT LISTED FILM MAKERS from different states of INDIA from different organisation certified as or awarded for at least one short film directed by him/herself. Such Film Makers are eligible for the CineFest 2022 - FIRST PROJECT. 

Step : 2

WHAT will happen in FIRST PROJECT ?

In FIRST PROJECT all the short listed film makers will be given a chance to direct a SHORT FILM where artists and technicians will be provided by ClapCinemas and movie maker can select any theme and make the SHORT FILM.

step 3 


Your FIRST PROJECT will be promoted and released by ClapCinemas in our own platform and also every Short film Maker will earn a share on total views and will be eligible for the SECOND PROJECT (MEGA PROJECT with the production cost of 1 lakh each)


What is the SECOND PROJECT and what are its benefits ?

SECOND PROJECT will be the SHORT FILM PROJECT for which CLAPCINEMAS will produce upto 1 lakh rupees for each PROJECT and 10 New Movie Makers get this benefit to work on their own script and artists and submit the film to CLAPCINEMAS. In total CLAPCINEMAS will be providing 25 such projects for 25 different FILM MAKERS. COMPLETE INFORMATION OF SECOND ROUND WILL BE SHARED ONLY FOR THE FILM MAKERS WHO COMPLETE FIRST ROUND SUCCESSFULLY.



CLAPCINEMAS don't charge any sort of Registration CHARGES for the FILM MAKERS. There will be a agreement shared to the FILM MAKER which also includes the MANUAL which includes complete rules and regulations and steps to be followed during FILM MAKING. Agreement charges of rupees 699/- to be paid by the FILM MAKER which will be one time charges throughout this event. Contestants will get the agreement and all other information related to FIRST PROJECT through the mail id shared with CLAPCINEMAS. All artists and Technicians for you project will be given by CLAPCINEMAS within your CITY / STATE only. 

Your Agreement Charges Includes : 

  1. Agreement copy which includes complete Event proposal, Rules and Regulations. (will be posted to the Postal address of every FILM MAKER)

  2. A COPY of PARTICIPATING CERTIFICATE (will be posted to the Postal address of every FILM MAKER)

  3. This will be one time charge and there will be no additional charges for the FILM MAKER.

  4. You will get your FIRST PROJECT related information.

  5. Charges is applicable for all the FILM MAKER PARTICIPATING.

  6. LAST DATE to SIGN AGREEMENT is MAY 19th 2022 by 5 PM. 

  7. DIRECTORS LIST will be announced on MAY 20th 2022 by 7PM.


  1. ClapCinemas will provide the ARTISTS and TECHNICIANS from your own city / state. In case any movie maker wish to have their own ARTISTS and TECHNICIANS it is accepted but ClapCinemas will not bare any charges of ARTISTS and TECHNICIANS in such conditions. 

  2. FIRST PROJECT is purely judged based on your writing skills and creativity and not on how rich is your frame and hence we suggest every DIRECTOR to concentrate more on SCRIPT. 

  3. Project will be STARTING on JULY 10th and AUGUST 10th will be the last date to complete the FIRST PROJECT.

  4. MOVIES will be STREAMING in OTT from AUGUST 15th and until SEPTEMBER 15th films will have premiere streaming in our OTT PLATFORM and based on total number of Views Every Director will also get a Share on the PROJECT on SEPTEMBER 17th 2022. 

  5. TOP 25 DIRECTORS will receive the SECOND PROJECT with the minimum budget of 1 lakh rupees each, which will also have exclusive Theatrical Release by CLAPCINEMAS and also will be awarded in the CINEFEST 2022 which will be held in the month of DECEMBER 2022.

  6. Complete information on FIRST PROJECT will be SHARED along with your AGREEMENT.


  1. Please Pay the AGREEMENT CHARGES of Rupees 699/- to 8296857256 (Google Pay / Phone Pay) and share the screenshot of the payment to 7760421881 by 19th May 2022, 5 pm.

  2. You will get the payment confirmation through whatsapp and hence you will get your Agreement information through mail within 7 days and also will be sent to your POSTAL ADDRESS within JUNE 15th 2022.


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